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Genuine Briggs B357109 Flush Valve

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The Briggs B357109 Flush Valve comes complete. Also it is a genuine Briggs valve. Therefore it fits many Briggs tanks. This valve comes with the flapper, which is also complete. Therefore it has the chain and hook to connect to the lever. The nut and gasket also come with this valve. Also the valve itself is Plastic. Therefore it will not rust. 

This flush valve comes complete with the flapper, nut, and gasket. Therefore it is ready to install. The flapper is rubber. Therefore it can prevent leaks through the flush valve. Also the chain and hook connect to the lever. Therefore when you push the lever it will lift the flapper to flush. The nut for the valve is plastic. However the gasket is rubber. 

The Briggs B357109 Flush Valve is a genuine Briggs part. The valve itself is plastic. Therefore it will not rust. The flapper comes installed on the valve. Therefore it is ready to use. Also the flapper has a baffle on the end of the cone. Which controls how fast the water fills the flapper. Therefore it times the flush. The baffle is plastic. 

  • Genuine Briggs replacement part

  • Comes complete

  • Flapper, with chain and hook, included

  • Nut and gasket to secure valve to the tank

  • Made of plastic